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  • Email Spoofing!

    I started up my mail program, walked away, and came back a moment later to see that it was downloading hundreds of bounced emails. What the frack?!?! I canceled the session and hopped over to my web email reader. There in my mailbox were hundreds more. I checked the headers and saw what I knew…

  • Frazz Comic Strip

    Here’s a funny comic strip I found recently. The main character resembles a grown up Calvin. He’s also a cyclist, as is the artist. Check out strip:    Frazz Comic Enjoy.

  • Yahoo News Hack :: Anti Spain & EFE

    Just went to my Yahoo home page and noticed this top news entry. Guess Yahoo news is still hackable.

  • Casshern Movie

    I just viewed an awesome trailer for the new Japanese movie Casshern. From the photos and the trailer on the website this looks to be a mind blowing visual extravaganza. The movie is a live-action anime with a Matrix and Blade Runner feel to it. I wonder if it will make it to theatres here…

  • Acme Voodoo Doll ™

    A little silliness for you. Acme Voodoo Doll Kit ™ Acme Voodoo Doll ™ (1 item) Print out your Acme Voodoo Doll Kit ™. Then, locate a pair of sharp scissors. Oh, we like scissors… Now, cut out the Acme Voodoo Doll ™ and the Acme Voodoo Pins ™. If you cut yourself, save the…

  • Elk Fork Studios gallery updated!

    I just updated my mom’s site with a whole new gallery of products. Some really beautiful stuff. Check out the Gallery section: Elk Fork Studios In addition, I cleaned up the look & feel of the site. The menu has been improved by using CSS instead of JavaScript. This speeded up loading considerably. Cheers!

  • Broken clavicle (collar bone)!

    Broken clavicle (collar bone)!

    I broke my left clavicle (collar bone) at the Folsom Criterium in the Masters 35+ 1/2/3 race. Start of the last lap of my second race. Some idiot clips the bars of the guy next to him, sending the guy down, directly in front of me. Curb and fence on the left and pack on…

  • Poison Oak Treatment :: Zanfel Ingredients

    I have used the product Zanfel once before for a bad case of poison oak. You can read my previous article. But what is in Zanfel that makes it work? You can find the list of ingredients on the product packaging and also by searching the web. But, the specific active ingredient that does all…

  • Funny Job Titles :: Phlebotomist

    Some job titles just have a funny ring to them. For example, I would never be a “phlebotomist”. The name alone makes me giggle. I wouldn’t be able to hold a straight face any time I said it. Imagine being at a party (in screenplay format): Stranger So, what do you do? Me I’m a……

  • Book Recommendation

    I have been browsing through Alan Fletcher’s book The Art of Looking Sideways. It’s a wonderful book for distracting your mind and generating the creative juices. From the simple to the complex, the contents of each page inspire, amuse, or force you to ponder. I highly recommend this book. Quick search: