Frazz Comic Strip

Frazz Comic
Here’s a funny comic strip I found recently. The main character resembles a grown up Calvin. He’s also a cyclist, as is the artist. Check out strip:

   Frazz Comic



  1. MNK

    The woman pictured to the right on the image is the grown woman Frazz dates in the comic strip. Frazz is a janitor at an elementary school, and the woman is a teacher at that school. I wouldn’t say she resembles Susie Derkins, but perhaps a die-hard Calvin fan would recognize her as a reincarnation of a different character?

  2. Kelly

    Yay greyhounds! That makes me happy…
    Haven’t read it yet, but any chance of a grown girl bearing some semblance to Susie Derkins? That style s just too similar to Calvin and Hobbes for my comfort…look at him! It’s Calvin!

  3. wally strayer

    defintely a kids heart living withinn an adults body. I enjoy the humor and the interaction between all the different characters. The fact that the comis strip features both male and female charcters with a blend of ethnic backgrounds and even includes handicaped persons. Refreshing, humorous, stimulating.

  4. Morgan

    and Calvin’s dad was a cyclist… and the drawing style is very simmilar to Calvin and Hobbes… and the artist’s signiture is surprizingly simmilar to Bill Watersons…
    Needless to say, the theorists are running rampant.

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