2014 Lake Sonoma Series – Race 2

Had the chance to head to Sonoma for the 2nd race of the 2014 Lake Sonoma Series. This is a very fun but tough event. The riding there consists of single-track and fire roads. The single-track is a blast but tricky, rocky in places, with loose gravel, and thick dry grass. Oh, and the climbs are short steep and punchy. The promoters put together a great deal with the race and a BBQ and drinks afterwards. Always a fun crowd of all categories mixing it up.

Watch the video I cobbled together from this race if you don’t believe me 😉


More info here: http://www.bikemonkey.net/events/lakesonoma/

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  1. Eddie B Avatar
    Eddie B

    Thanks for documenting this bit of Sonoma MTB awesome! (and getting me in it numerous times!)

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