2014 FUCI Approved Sticker

2014 FUCI Approved Sticker

The 2014 FUCI Approved sticker has arrived!

Subtle (or not) features of this year’s sticker are the piles of cash (payoffs, bribes, etc) and the bottle of whiskey with shot glass (back room deals, drugs, etc).  These may also represent handups which should not be a crime. All of this leads to the “shame” of the UCI.

And this year’s FUCI bike selection…  a Fat Bike!  Definitely not UCI Approved.

Look for me at the races if you would like to get some stickers. I upped the number printed this time so I hopefully won’t run out.


p.s. And a check out StickerRobot.com for your own printing needs.  They came through once again with high quality work.


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