2014 Grasshopper #4 – Geysers / Pine Flat

This here ride is one of the classics in Sonoma County.  It has several ingredients to make you savor the flavor.  A nice leisurely cruise through the vineyards.  A beautiful and gradual climb up a canyon to the geysers (hot springs).  A quick little descent back to the vineyards.  And then one more stroll up to the “flat” area with creeks and pine trees.

Yup, a nice leisurely little ride.

But then we all know this is a Grasshopper.  And we know the truth…

More info: http://www.grasshopperadventureseries.com/

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  1. Matt Muldoon Avatar
    Matt Muldoon

    Nice work as usual, Hans. Thanks for taking the trouble to preserve a day.

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