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  • 2018 Bantam Classic

    2018 Bantam Classic

    The Bantam Classic returned for a 6th year of cycling fun and it’s looking like it’s becoming a true classic. Thanks again to Yuri Hauswald for hosting this event and to all the sponsors and donors! https://guenergy.comhttps://breakawaybikes.cohttps://atomcomposites.comhttps://www.camelbak.comhttps://www.wtb.comhttp://www.subconscious.coffeehttps://www.chamoisbuttr.comhttps://www.garmin.com/https://capocycling.com

  • The Amateur Brewer Short Film

    The Amateur Brewer Short Film

    Amateur brewer Mike Boals talks about his passion, the successes and failures, and perfecting his craft. And we see the beauty as well as the effort that is the art of amateur brewing. A film by Hans Kellner With music by Moby (mobygratis.com) “Rotator” Special Thanks to Mike and his family

  • 2017 Bantam Classic

    2017 Bantam Classic

    The Bantam Classic is still delivering a great experience. First, there’s the great riding/racing with some of NorCal’s finest. And then the post party where the bantams get to shake out their tail feathers. Cheers!

  • 2015 Bantam Classic

    2015 Bantam Classic

    The Bantam Classic is no longer a spring chicken as it moves into its third year. Along with the usual suspects, fame and glory brought out more big guns, and with that a big battle to be the first to reach “mama chicken”. Watch the action and look out for feathers flying. A round of applause…

  • Transitioning into Cyclocross 2014-2015

    Transitioning into Cyclocross 2014-2015

    Cleaned and tuned up my SyCip cyclocross bike and headed out for the first long ride with it in a long time.  Two flats and a beat up body sure made me want to switch right back to my mountain bike.  But I’ll get the kinks worked out and then it’s full on cyclocross season.

  • 2014 Lake Sonoma Series – Race 2

    2014 Lake Sonoma Series – Race 2

    Had the chance to head to Sonoma for the 2nd race of the 2014 Lake Sonoma Series. This is a very fun but tough event. The riding there consists of single-track and fire roads. The single-track is a blast but tricky, rocky in places, with loose gravel, and thick dry grass. Oh, and the climbs…

  • 2014 Grasshopper #4 – Geysers / Pine Flat

    2014 Grasshopper #4 – Geysers / Pine Flat

    This here ride is one of the classics in Sonoma County.  It has several ingredients to make you savor the flavor.  A nice leisurely cruise through the vineyards.  A beautiful and gradual climb up a canyon to the geysers (hot springs).  A quick little descent back to the vineyards.  And then one more stroll up to…

  • 2014 Grasshopper #3 – Super Sweetwater

    2014 Grasshopper #3 – Super Sweetwater

    One of the toughest of the Grasshopper Adventure Series, the Sweetwater, piled on the pain this time. The route strung together Sweetwater, Old Caz, Fort Ross, and then ended with a climb up Coleman Valley from Hwy 1. Ouch. It. Hurt. More info: http://www.grasshopperadventureseries.com

  • Animated BART

    Animated BART

    Created a little animation that represents waiting for my BART train. Watch for it… my train does arrive. Life of commuting in the bay area sure is a pain.

  • 2013 Tamarancho Flow Trail – Episode 3

    2013 Tamarancho Flow Trail – Episode 3

    Watch Episode 3 of the Tamarancho Flow Trail series. In this episode the skills area is nearly finished, hear from some of the volunteers, and see the first rides on the skills section. Be sure to watch the first two Tamarancho Flow Trail episodes: Tamarancho Flow Trail – Episode 1Tamarancho Flow Trail – Episode 2…