2004 Central Coast Cyclocross Race 1 Video

Posted the video for the first of the 2004 Central Coast Cyclocross Series. This course was tough for a lot of riders. There were lots of dirty faces, jerseys, and bikes after each race. Also a little blood thrown in to keep things interesting. Check out the video and go for a virtual ride. Just don’t come crying back to me when you crash! 🙂



  1. Hans

    Ken – Heh heh yeah I hear myself saying “move up! move up!” all the time! :’) But when I am filming these I am not racing so I stay out of everyone’s way. Otherwise, I would be moving up and winning these things… yeah, right!

  2. Bruce Lodge

    So I’ve finished my race and I’m sittin’ there under the Black Market awning when along comes some seemingly wacked-out racer with a tupperware container on his head. “Huh?” I says. My bud says “He’s got a camera in that thing”. I says “cool!” And it is !!!Cool Video !!!! Thanks for posting/sharing it. It’s a great way to revisit the race. I’m looking forward to your next “feature”, hoping you shot race #2. I was talking about your video with a fellow racer … we both agreed that what you need to put your videos over the top is a rear facing camera in addition to your forward one. Sure, it’d be heavy and all, but one mounted on both sides of your head would even out right? And if you wear a medical style ‘C’ collar you’ld be able to keep your head up. Rear view would be awesome, yes?

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