2004 DFL Urban Outlaw Cyclocross Race 4 Video

Our mayor hosted this DFL race in the spacious backyard of his Pacific Heights mansion. He’s a strong supporter of cross and wanted to participate in one of the infamous DFL races. See if you can spot him ripping up the course in a pretty little dress.


  1. Norm Laird

    yeah, i was at some of your DFL races in the past and you are all just a bunch of liberal dress wearing sissy boys acting like you are the cutting edge of cycling in the great USA which you dont even support during our time of war and i saw anti war protesters at your races and that sort of unamerican attitue is what makes this country uncompetitive as is your desire to take out the seriousness of cycling competition. you DFLers do a disservice to the rest of us who plan our training season a year ahead and take it much more serious than putting on a dress (is every male that lives in SF gay?) and parade around like a bunch of commies. thank God we dont have any of that shit in SOCAL. i hope gov. Arnold outlaws your antics before they start infuencing the youth of this great nation! purely pathetic DFL. you people are very misguided and dangerous to the rest of the serious cycling public who look for results not putting on a circus.

  2. Julie Barott

    Ahh, the memories…can’t wait for this year’s season to start and to see all the boyz in their sassy little dresses. Most of them have more cleavage than I do.
    Loved this video. Love this race series. I’ll be there in my tightie whities and wife beater t-shirt! YEAH

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