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  • Angora Ridge Ride with Droney III

    Angora Ridge Ride with Droney III

    Having fun riding Angora Ridge in South Lake Tahoe. Also practicing flying and capturing with my new DJI Mini Pro 3 aka Droney III.

  • Microsoft Kinect Flocking Test

    Microsoft Kinect Flocking Test

    This was a simple experiment with the Microsoft Kinect that involved integrating the captured skeletal information along with a flocking simulation. If my body intersected any “boid” in the flock, then the boid would try to avoid the body.

  • 2021 dfL Cyclocross Series Race #2

    2021 dfL Cyclocross Series Race #2

    Welcome to the 2021 Urban Outlaw Cyclocross-Dress Series! This was a chance for all to show their commitment to fine outfits and even finer riding. Watch the mayhem and madness and see why the USAC and UCI are sending in their junior CX stars for real lessons in racing. Cheers!