Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump

Here is a short video of my first bungy jump. It’s from the Kawarau Bridge just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand. I really wish I had had a helmet camera when I was there. That would have made for some great footage.

If you have never tried bungy jumping, I highly recommend it. The thrill is unbelievable. As you go through life you become less and less exposed to new and exciting events that push your senses to their limits. Your first bungy jump will do that.


p.s. If you are in New Zealand you will no doubt jump with the folks from AJ Hackett.


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  1. Hans Avatar

    Advice on how to jump? Well, when I did it they counted down from three. Just before the count I took a deep breath, staired straight ahead, and when they got to one I just jumped. Just like I was diving into a pool.
    I think an important point is to not look down once you are set and they are beginning the count. If you look down during the count then you will second guess and hesitate. Your body is screaming “This is not right!!!!” and you have to fight it. If you don’t look down it helps to fool those internal survival instincts.
    Good luck with your jump and remember to smile!

  2. tammy Avatar

    OMG thats awesome, im doing my first bungy at the same location you did in september!! Im really pumped but i also have the feeling that im not going to be able to do it. but i want to!!!! any advice to help me accomplish something that im so excited yet nervous to do!!! Tammy(16) AUS

  3. melissa Avatar

    you’re a nutter, hans!
    -melissa and jon

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