The Ledge Bungy Jump

The Ledge Bungy Jump, Queenstown, New Zealand (Click for the wmv video)View the movie: WMV :: MOV

Here is a short video of my second bungy jump. It’s from a deck called “The Ledge” up on a hill above Queenstown, New Zealand. This time I chose to run off instead of leap with my feet bound. This was a bit harder than the first jump. The actual act of forcing yourself to run off of a ledge really goes against your internal will to survive. In my previous jump, it was easier since it was possible to just look forward, listen to the count-down, and then leap.

Just think of how hard it can be to walk towards a steep dropoff. Ever been to the Grand Canyon? Now imagine running towards the edge of the cliff. What would your senses be doing? Mine said “oh crap” and instead of getting a nice leap from the ledge, my knees began to buckle and I dove forward.

Another extreme thrill occurs at the apex of the first rebound. As you can see from the video, that point is still rather high up. It’s also at that point that you become weightless for a moment. This causes an additional sensation of not being attached to anything. And then you fall again.

Go challenge your senses!



  1. NIck

    I am going to Queenstown to bungy jump, is the the ledge or the bridge better, more exhilarating, Hans. Thanks

    I would recommend doing both as they are both exhilarating but unique. The Kawarau Bridge is the original jump spot and also allows you to be dunked. The Ledge is on a steep hill and the fall is longer and feels farther because of the hill. You can also wear the body harness and run off instead of jumping. That’s what I did.

    Oh, and if you are in for a real thrill, try the Nevis Highwire jump. That’s over 400 feet of fall.

    Cheers! Hans

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