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SideTracker robot for CRobots and C++Robots.


This is a little device driver I wrote back in the days of bulletin board systems (BBS). My friend Paul ran a popular board and at some point we began talking about running external apps from the board. At the time the only way to do so involved shelling out to a text only program, redirecting input and output through the modem, then waiting for the application to exit and return to the bbs.

Since input and output was directed through the modem, none of the output could be seen on the bbs computer nor could the bbs operator provide keyboard input. Imagine today giving control of your computer to anonymous users.

So, I wrote a device driver that allowed redirection of input and output to both the modem and to the local computer. Additionally, I added support for ANSI codes so the output locally would be displayed correctly.

In essence, this device driver was a forerunner of remote access programs.

Btw, I named it after the same named science fiction book Gateway by Frederik Pohl.

Here is the driver and document: gateway2.zip


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