2013 Grasshopper Adventure Series – Lake Sonoma

This is the final “training ride” of the series and it’s a mountain bike event… well, except for the rare few that might bring their cyclocross bikes (rock on oh crazy ones!). The trails around Lake Sonoma are a mix of single-track, double-track, some fire road, and a whole lot of pain.

We all hear that ‘What goes up must come down’. The route here gives strong support for this saying since it reinforces it hundreds of times over and over and over. Climb up, drop down, climb up, drop down, climb up, climb up… oops, ok, there are moments where the course tricks you and ‘what goes up’ must go up some more. Ouch!

Glad to finish without blowing a fuse. Had a blast as usual. And by next year I will have forgotten how I promised myself not to inflict such pain on myself ever again.

Thanks to Mig and the crew as well as the sponsors. And a big thanks to Osmo Nutrition for their support.


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  1. Matt Muldoon Avatar
    Matt Muldoon

    Another great vid, Hans! That start was nuts!

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