FUCI Bottle Openers and Go-No-Go Gauges

When I released the 2011 version of the FUCI Approved sticker Ray Falso of Falso Industries read about it and inquired about getting a few. I gladly sent some off to him. He responded by sending me an awesome Go-No-Go CX tire gauge/bottle opener that he had created for his local cycling team.

Well, when this year’s stickers arrived, I sent some off to Ray in appreciation for the still used Go-No-Go bottle opener.

The stickers must have gone over well because Ray stepped up to the plate a batted out a home run with his next batch of Go-No-Go gauges. Behold the collection of FUCI laser-cut metal bottle openers and Go-No-Go CX tire gauges.

And I can say without a doubt that these gauges and bottle openers work efficiently, effectively, and exactly as you would expect. Quality at its finest.

If you ever need metal fabrication, laser cutting, or 3D printing(!) then look up Falso Industries.

And they are FUCI Approved! 😉

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