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  • CNC Penny

    CNC Penny

    This is a model of a penny I created using a Image2Surface script I wrote for Autodesk Fusion 360. With the script I was able to import a heightmap image of a penny and generate a mesh. I wanted to mill the model so I then converted the mesh to a t-spline surface. Fusion 360 doesn’t…

  • Handups Are Not A Crime – FUCI Approved Flask

    Handups Are Not A Crime – FUCI Approved Flask

    I’ve been learning to use a laser cutter and wanted a new project to improve my skills.  As it’s the start of cyclocross season I thought something related should be good.  Somehow and somewhere my little gray cells actually got together and came up with a plan. I present my current project, the Handups Are…

  • FUCI Bottle Openers and Go-No-Go Gauges

    FUCI Bottle Openers and Go-No-Go Gauges

    When I released the 2011 version of the FUCI Approved sticker Ray Falso of Falso Industries read about it and inquired about getting a few. I gladly sent some off to him. He responded by sending me an awesome Go-No-Go CX tire gauge/bottle opener that he had created for his local cycling team. Well, when…

  • GoPro Camera Monopod Setup

    GoPro Camera Monopod Setup

    Here is a simple monopod setup I put together from existing hardware I had around the house. The monopod is an extending type, a Manfrotto 676B. Click here for full Flickr photoset. Cheers!