2010 Thanksgiving Day Appetite Seminar Ride Video

Take a ride on the annual Thanksgiving Day Appetite Seminar.

Larry, Kelly, and I started over in Corte Madera and headed up from Phoenix Lake to Four Corners. Then over to and around the golf course and onto Bolinas Fairfax Road. Started seeing more and more riders.

At the ridge we turned off the pavement and onto the fireroad to Pine Mountain. Lots of other riders from there on.

The ranger at the top of Repack said they had lost count but at least 800 riders at that point.

Final fast descent down Repack and into Fairfax. Ended with a nice beer at Gestalt House.

More information and history of this ride at Charlie Kelly’s site:


[ Filmed with a GoPro HD @ 720p/60 ]

p.s. Here’s the 2009 Appetite Seminar ride video: 2009 Appetite Seminar Marin Turkey Day Ride

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