Camelbak Spider

Camelbak Spider

Along came a spider and… oh, that was another post. Went for a great mountain bike ride down in San Jose. At one of the stops my Camelbak attracted the interest of this little furry critter. I guess even spiders endorse Camelbak!

Once satiated our little friend scurried off.

Camelbak Spider

Buh bye little furry one.


  1. stephanie

    found a spider that looked alot like this would like to know if its poisonous… i have a small child who is 1 yrs old ,,, it scaried the me super bad… will it hurt my KID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. please get back to me

    That’s a Tarantula and does have poison. See the Wikipedia article on Tarantulas for more information.

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