I Was A Spider Meal

Spider Meal Spider Meal
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It’s that time of year again and our backyard is a playground for spiders. Had the wonderful experience the other night of walking down the steps and having a web wrap itself around my face. Let’s just say I dropped what I was carrying and quickly went into spastic arm movements as I attempted to wipe off the web the … BIG … FAT … SPIDER … that always sits in the middle. Even after an all clear mirror check for any signs of the beastie I still kept feeling spider tickles. Shudder.

As I walked down the steps this morning I found the beastie in the photos above munching away on some poor little critter. This one was about the size of a grape. Probably a bit smaller than the one that I am sure was waiting in that web hoping to trap me.

This has taught me that the best way to traverse our backyard is to walk around waving your arms in karate chop motion. Or like an old robot, limbs flaying about “Danger Will Robinson. Danger!!!”


  1. Hugues

    I mean Wow! What an amazing spooky spider!
    Next time, can you also please post the picture of your waving your arms in karate chop motion? I’d love to see that.
    Hmmmm! I wonder which of the two will be the scariest.

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