San Francisco Anti-War Rally Photo Gallery

Here in San Francisco thousands of people marched through downtown protesting against any war on Iraq. The march proceeded from Justin Herman Plaza up Market Street and ended in the Civic Center Plaza. I shot several photos and grabbed a couple of short video clips from the event.

Select an image below to view an album or one of the video links to watch a short clip.

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4
Select one of the links below to view short videos from the rally.
Movie 1 (mpeg 249kb)
Movie 2 (mpeg 250kb)
Bush: read my lips “Oil”
Movie 3 (mpeg 1.11mb)
“Bush a liar” chant
Movie 4 (mpeg 1.3mb)
Movie 5 (mpeg 570kb)
Pots and pans
Movie 6 (mpeg 793kb)
March down Market St.
Movie 7 (mpeg 1.24mb)
“What do we want” chant
Movie 8 (mpeg 635kb)
Spanish chant
Movie 9 (mpeg 536kb)
March down Market St.
Movie 10 (mpeg 1.02mb)
“Viva viva” chant
Movie 11 (mpeg 1.3mb)
Percussion marchers



  1. Kristin

    Great web site! It felt good to see fellow citizens marching for such a great cause. It is nice to know that we are not all ignorant! Great work, but Susie was right, be careful…we have a very strong deceiving government–don’t doubt that they don’t know what you are doing right now.

  2. susie

    Fun movies, Hans – you will bring TV to L & T yet ! Enjoyed the dances and music, the sound effects are wonderful – I felt like I was there. Wonder however if publishing photos isn’t risky for the protestors ? A lot of pro-Palestinian marchers…I don’t think I am unduly cautious. Civil rights are not as safe as one might think in the USA. Susie

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