1. melanie dominguez

    I was informed that i should watch the surf city #1 video in Aptos and wow what great footage!!! I never thought i could enjoy watching myself race but your video made it look really cool. I will look forward to seeing the rest of your videos and seeing all of my friends out there. It really is a nice thing you are doing for my family too for my father lost a leg recently and is unable to get to any of my races this year. Thanks to YOU i was able to bring the race to him.
    Thanks again!!
    Melanie Dominguez

  2. Steve Bligh

    Hi Hans, we have no CX racing here in Australia. Being interested in CX, I downloaded your 2002 Redline Masters Finals. There is so much similarity to terrain and climate with local Sydney sites. With all the hassles our Australian racing scene has with finding suitable road and crit racing venues (largely due to insurance and politics), perhaps CX is something we should seriously consider down under. Visually and musically, I found your video really motivating. CX looks like a blast! Well done!
    Steve Bligh, Sydney, Australia.

  3. Robert Blomberg

    Great stuff and terrific web site. I am just strating a business of selling excercise & cycling DVD’s from a first person perspective. Are you interested in putting together first person footage that would run 75 to 105 minutes long? It can be a combination of race/footage. Please contact me and let me know.

  4. Sean Jones

    Thanks for your efforts in putting together these fine videos. They are awesome! This is my first CX season and it’s so hard to explain to friends and family just exactly what CX is and what’s involved.
    I haven’t had a chance to view all videos yet, so disregard this suggestion if you’ve already done it. Mount a microphone near your mouth and instead of music, record your mouth sounds during the race. THAT would give a viewer a realistic feeling of just how much effort is expended during a 30-60 minute CX race.
    Hup! Hup!

  5. Larry

    2002 Redline Cup Cyclo-cross Finals
    NEW Men’s Master 35+, Napa, CA
    Nice job! I like the catch up, speed up, music credits, and fade out!
    Could you could me one favor next time and level the lens ?
    It’s stressful enough to watch the race (but maybe that was your intention! 😉

  6. Gary Noe

    Love ALL your videos. I rode beside you on the track, at the start of Redline #3.
    I loved the short steep rise that you (and I) didn’t get to ride on the 1st lap, (north end of course). Too bad you couldn’t have taped another lap & spliced it in to show how fast it was, after the 1st lap.
    Keep up the good work.

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