Big thanks to Avid!

I recently built up a new cyclo-cross bike. The components a mix of old and new. The brakes are a set of Avid Tri-Aligns off of a previous mountain bike. These are really sweet cantilever brakes that are perfect for cyclo-cross. When I went to mount the brakes, I found that one of the arms was missing a bushing. I searched high and low but could not find it. What to do? These brakes were no longer in production. It would be a major shame and loss if I was unable to find a replacement.

So, I went to Avid’s website and looked for the tech support page. They have one! On the page they provide an e-mail address and a phone number for technical questions. I quickly sent off an e-mail explaining my plight. A day or so later Lonnie replies, asks for my mailing address, and promises to send a replacement. A few days later my replacement bushing shows up.

No hassle, no cost, just great service from a company that makes great products. I recommend Avid.

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