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  • 2015 Boggs Funduro

    2015 Boggs Funduro

    More pictures here: 2015 Boggs Funduro I raced all three days and enjoyed and suffered the whole time. The new 8 hr course was a blast but definitely a butt kicker compared to the previous year’s. The hill climb hurt and then came back to remind me through the ache in my legs and lungs. The…

  • Rembrandt is Boring or We’re becoming the Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Rembrandt is Boring or We’re becoming the Hunchback of Notre Dame

    I was inspired to create this image after seeing the original, “Rembrandt is Boring”, on All Hail The Black Market’s post. There are lots of stories on the web warning of people “becoming hunchbacks” from prolonged usage of mobile devices.  But that might not be the case according to one article: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/ridiculous-warning-from-chiropractors-about-alleged-health-effects-of-texting/ Regardless, the original photo above strikes…

  • Justin Herman Plaza Fountain Animated

    Here’s an animated gif of the fountain in Justin Herman Plaza (San Francisco). I created it by first capturing around 100 photos from various angles.  These were then uploaded into the Autodesk Recap 360 cloud application for conversion into a model.  This is a free service that can create 3D models from photos.  Once the model was…

  • Animated BART

    Animated BART

    Created a little animation that represents waiting for my BART train. Watch for it… my train does arrive. Life of commuting in the bay area sure is a pain.

  • Racing Riding and Smiling

    Racing Riding and Smiling

    Thanks to Steve Anderson for capturing the moment during my race.

  • Oyster Mushroom Time-lapse

    Oyster Mushroom Time-lapse

    Picked up a grow your own mushrooms kit from BackToTheRoots.com. Here’s a real lazy time-lapse of the growth.

  • 2012 NorCal High School MTB League Race 2 Time Lapse Video

    2012 NorCal High School MTB League Race 2 Time Lapse Video

    A time-lapse view from the Berkeley High pit during race #2 of the 2012 NorCal High School MTB League series. The view is of the “Pit Zone” with the start/finish off in the distance. You can spot the uphill start in the upper left. Started recording around 8am and stopped around 5pm. Lots of wind,…

  • 2012 FUCI Approved Frame Sticker

    (thanks to http://stickerobot.com/ for production) Official List of FUCI Approved The following are responses to the FUCI Approved sticker program.  These individuals, entities, hooligans, are to be considered officially recognized as FUCI Approved. Ritchey www.ritcheylogic.com A letter from Patrick McQuaid norcalcyclingnews.com G service Bottle Openers/CX Tire GaugesFalso Industries Yukie! Ibis Maximus More FUCI Approved hooligans.…

  • Mendocino Trip

      A couple of photos from my recent road trip in the Sportsmobile up to Mendocino.

  • 2011 New Year’s Eve Ride

    Went over to Marin for a Pine Mountain ride to end 2011. Grabbed a few photos with my GoPro Hero2.  Beautiful day and surprisingly few others on the trails. Click here to view slideshow [ Flickr ]