2012 FUCI Approved Frame Sticker

2012 FUCI Approved Frame Sticker #uci

The FUCI Approved Frame sticker.

(thanks to http://stickerobot.com/ for production)

Official List of FUCI Approved

The following are responses to the FUCI Approved sticker program.  These individuals, entities, hooligans, are to be considered officially recognized as FUCI Approved.


Ritchey Design

A letter from Patrick McQuaid

Patrick McQuaid Letter

G service

Bottle Openers/CX Tire Gauges
Falso Industries


Ibis Maximus

More FUCI Approved hooligans.

Team Ommegang

Arizona Trail

Trek Commuter @ EBBC Party

Paul’s Bianchi

Marin Indian Fire Trail

Greg’s Bontrager


  1. jacs

    I’ll be anxiously waiting for the second batch so I can purchase some! I want to mail some to friends back home (Philadelphia). Let me know if you need some down-payment funds to help with the second, or third, run of stickers.

  2. Scott

    Cool sticker. I don’t want to appear too stupid here -but- what is the exact meaning/idea/origin or is it just cool and funny? Any helpful insight appreciated! I will take a couple also.

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