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  • 2008 Pilarcitos Race 1 Womens Cyclocross Video

    The women tear it up at race #1 of the 2008 Pilarcitos Super Prestige Series at McLaren Park in San Francisco.

  • 2008 Pilarcitos Race 1 Mens Cat B

    A bumpy Category B Men’s race at race #1 of the 2008 Pilarcitos Super Prestige Series at McLaren Park in San Francisco.

  • 2006 DFL Cyclocross Race 3

    Rumors of Good Will stores being plundered were answered by the following footage caught at the DFL Cyclocross Dress Workout #3.

  • 2006 DFL Cyclocross Race 1

    The dresses were out in full glory for DFL Cyclocross Race #1. We crashed the governator’s mansion while he was out fund raising and took over the backyard. Cheap thrills ensued! Jump to the Cycling videos »

  • 2004 DFL Urban Outlaw Cyclocross Race 4 Video

    Our mayor hosted this DFL race in the spacious backyard of his Pacific Heights mansion. He’s a strong supporter of cross and wanted to participate in one of the infamous DFL races. See if you can spot him ripping up the course in a pretty little dress.

  • 2002 Central Coast CX – Race 2 Womens Video

    Added the video for the Women’s category from the Central Coast Cyclocross race #2. Note, I had some problems with the helmetcam. It wonked out (technical term :’) and the colors were all messed up. Half the video was missing one of the primary colors. So I worked around it by making the helmet cam…

  • East Bay Cyclocross Race 1 Video

    Here is the Senior A’s race from the East Bay Cyclocross series. It was hot and dry over at Rowell Ranch in Castro Valley, California. 2002 East Bay Cyclocross Race 1Rowell Ranch, CASenior A’s Race Sorry, the original source footage is lost and the only one I have is a low resolution DVD. Reduce the…

  • 2001 Surf City Cyclo-X Race 3 Video

    The 3rd Surf City Cyclo-X race was held at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds in Watsonville, CA last weekend. I once again braved the masses and filmed the Masters 35+ “A” race. Watch me suffer. Watch the poor mountain biker get dropped on the flats. Curses to all those cyclocross bikes! :’) Cheers!

  • 2001 Surf City Cyclo-X Race 2 Video

    I recently purchased a helmet camera so that I could capture some of the riding and racing I do. Here is a video that I captured at the Surf City Cyclo-X race in Monterey, CA. The video is of the first lap from the Senior Men’s B race. Cheers!