Claremont Canyon Descent – HelmetCam Video

Just got my GoPro Hero HD helmet camera and took it out for a test. Grabbed this footage of a high speed descent on Claremont.

Used the 720p @ 60 fps capture mode. The quality of the image is really nice. (side note: I messed up the encoding of the generated video so it’s a bit compressed. I solved that problem in later videos)


  1. James

    I’m looking at getting a helmet camera, and you are probably of of the best people to ask because I want to mainly use it for filming road bicycling, and commuting, by bike. I like your video here by the way, its excellent a small point of note though is that it looks like its pointed down a bit too much.
    So a few questions.
    Does the position and size of the Go Pro HD slow you down noticibly?
    Is it awkward on a bicycle helmet?

    I haven’t noticed any ‘speed’ issues and I’ve even raced with the camera. The size is small and light enough that it’s hardly noticeable. But if you place it on your helmet rather than on the bike then it’s important where you position it. If it’s too far forward or back there’s a slight imbalance to the feel of the helmet.
    Besides the balance issue the only other problem I’ve encountered with the camera on the helmet has to do with the operation of it. Sometimes I don’t know if the camera if a press of a control button has registered. So turning it on/off or starting/stopping it isn’t always obvious. The new HD model now ‘beeps’ a specific number of times for each operation. That usually works but sometimes when it’s noisy those beeps aren’t audible. Then I rely on asking another rider if the LCD screen indicates it’s on and/or running.

    One thing I want to do with it is view dangerous driving by motorists, would the 170 degree view make people look much further away then they are?
    How would you compare it with what you know of the Contour HD1080p..
    I was leaning towards the Contour, but Now leaning towards Go Pro HD.

    I’ve also thought the camera would be great for capturing those ‘special’ drivers. Yes the 170′ view will make objects appear much farther, but it will also catch much more that might be missed. Also, if necessary it would still be possible to calculate approximate distance in the image. For example, to show that mister rude driver cut you off and missed you by inches.
    As for the Contour camera I can’t comment as I haven’t used one. I purchased the GoPro HD because I already had two of the previous models which I liked. And I found the price/feature combination just fine.

    If you could reply that would be great, thanks

    Hope this helps! I’m sure if you get one you won’t be unhappy.

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