Autodesk University 2007 Main Stage Demo

Here’s the video of the little demo I gave at our user conference:

Now only if I could convince work that I need one of these setups for home. I think I could find the space for 20 High Definition projectors, 20 40x20ft screens, and a hive of 21 desktops with top-of-the-line ATI video cards. Oh, and one joystick. :’)

2007 Autodesk University Metropolis Main Stage Demo


  1. jim

    That’s awesome.
    Total geek and off-topic question: do you all rely on OpenGL hardware acceleration?

    (Geek mode on) In this demo we used DirectX and the hardware acceleration of the video card. The demo shown isn’t as fast and smooth as we can support. Lots of dynamic data loading from multiple sources going on there. So a few hiccups when loading. But otherwise, smoking fast. (geek mode off)

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