Race Report :: 2004 Albany Criterium

Date: July 11, 2004
Event: Albany Criterium
Category: Master 1/2/3
Place: back of the pack
Field: ~45
Team mates: Scott Francis

Had a good race… The M35 1/2/3 started out fast as usual. I had too short a warm-up (15min) and had to sit in for a bit. Scott and I had spoken briefly about a strategy. If I was able I would jump to the front around 4 laps to go and set him up for a lead out on the final lap. At the moment I didn’t think I had it in my legs. But, after 30 minutes of suffering I suddenly felt great. I realized this on the uphill section when I no longer strained and began making up places. I worked my way towards the front and then got into about 7th place on 4 laps to go. The pack was flying, strung out, and full on in all sections. I knew Scott was behind me but I couldn’t spot him. I hoped he was working up to my wheel as I held my place. The pace quickened and we dropped into the last lap.

Around we headed and then up the hill. I felt the pressure of the riders behind and knew an attack was coming. A rider appeared on the inside followed by another. The leader’s pace picked up and I surged ahead with them. The front riders dove into the right hand corner at the top of the hill. I accelerated up and towards the corner just as a rider ahead clips a pedal and goes down! Two inside riders tap their brakes and slide out. I’m cut off by bikes and bodies!

But I’m clear on my left and veer off and up onto the sidewalk heading away from the course. I slow, circle around, but the pack is gone. The three riders are picking themselves up, one letting out a few choice words at the pedal clipper. Luckily, Scott isn’t in the mess.

I roll past and down and around through the start/finish.

Race over.

Oh well. At least I finished and stayed upright.

Date: July 11, 2004
Event: Albany Criterium
Category: Senior 3
Place: Short 10 minutes and out.
Field: ~45

This race began just after the Master’s race. I had enough time to roll through the start/finish of the last race, circle back around, and then line up. Bang, off we went. Hmm, my legs don’t feel as happy as last race.

I’m stuck near the back and it’s a slinky wavy fest. Not the clean riding of the last race. After about 10 minutes of that and my legs not responding, I pull out and roll back to the truck. Enough fun for me today.

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