Race Report :: 2003 Cherry Pie Criterium

Date: February 9, 2003
Event: Cherry Pie Criterium
Category: Senior 3
Place: CRASH on final sprint!
Field: ~80

The illusive Cherry Pie prize once again slipped away from my grasp. But not from lack of effort! With visions of the flaky sweet treat awaiting at the end, I attacked hard on the finishing sprint. Up the hill we flew, I choosing a line to the right, the pack a line to the left. My speed holding fast, legs spinning quick, as we headed up the hill. Click, a shift down to keep up the speed. The pack starting to slow and I keeping up speed. Two, three, five riders I pass. Things are looking good… Then the sound you hate to hear, the metal on pavement accompanied by the yelps of racers.

I look up and a bike has landed right in my line! No time to avoid, to hop, just BAM! I’m airborne… and a thunk as my helmet hits and then my body following through on its roll to the pavement. I instantly tuck to avoid the bikes behind. A whoosh as bikes pass beside. I look back and it’s now clear. I look ahead and see the finish line a short 30 yards away. Someone has already grabbed my bike, which ended up closer to the finish than I did, and moved it off the course.

I start running a system analysis. Right arm: Check. Left arm: Check. Neck: Check. Left leg: Check. Right leg: Check. Ok, no bones or gushing streams of sticky red fluids. I move a little to get to the side of the course. Ouch, road rash. The nerves are starting to regain consciousness.

The racer that caused the crash is gone. I guess he’s too lame to apologize. Bad karma dude.

Luckily I rolled well. My helmet got a little scrape, my road rash not that bad. Didn’t even tear my jersey or shorts. My bike, on the other hand, got the worst of it. The top tube crumpled. The front rim dented. My brand new race tire torn and ruined.

All this to start out the 2003 season.

And I didn’t even get a piece of pie.


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