Downieville Video :: Butcher Ranch Trail

I shot some helmet cam footage of the Downieville downhill course. The course runs down Butcher Ranch, Second Divide, and then First Divide.

2002 Butcher Ranch Trail (Clip 1 of 4)
Downieville, CA

The flat fire road section at the start of the trail. This is the section that requires a lot of pedaling during the downhill race.

WMV 7.7mb | MOV 3.5mb

2002 Butcher Ranch Trail (Clip 2 of 4)
Downieville, CA

The transition off the fireroad into the first sections of single track. Not that steep yet but with a few rocky sections.

WMV 7.3mb| MOV 3.9mb

2002 Butcher Ranch Trail (Clip 3 of 4)
Downieville, CA

Single track continued with faster sections.

WMV 7.7mb | MOV 8.25mb

2002 Butcher Ranch Trail (Clip 4 of 4)
Downieville, CA

The rest of the single track down to the bridge. This has fun steep fast sections. Probably the best part of the trail.

WMV 7.8mb | MOV 8.6mb

Note, more videos are in my Cycling Video Gallery. Jump there to pick and watch.


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