Race Report :: June 25, 2002 :: Alameda Twilight Criterium Series

1st Place!
Date: June 25, 2002
Event: Alameda Twilight Criterium Series
Category: Senior 4/5
Time: 30 minutes
Place: 1st! The first prime.
Field: ~50

Ok, so I know that if you have been following my race reports this year then you know that I have been doing really well at the Berkeley Bicycle Club’s (BBC) Tuesday night Alameda Twilight Criterium Series. Now I am going to tell you that I won once again. That makes for three wins and one 2nd in the last four twilight races.

Don’t say it.

Ok, go ahead. It’s starting to be a common question.

“When are you going to upgrade?”

Well, the quick answer to that question is “Yes, I’m ready”. But, before making rash decisions about my cycling, I consult my coach.

His response was very good advice. In essence, he said that I should work now on my race tactics. Since I am now strong enough to contend for podium positions I can work on my tactics. If I were to upgrade now I would probably be stuck back in the pack and wouldn’t be getting the opportunity to practice tactics. I would get plenty of practice working hard and chasing.

So I will work on my tactics.

But I hopefully will be upgrading soon.


p.s Here’s a photo of me from the race. It was taken by Russ Wright. Check out his and his wife’s Abbiorca.com website for other photos.

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