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  • Pier 9 Presents – Hans Kellner

    Pier 9 Presents – Hans Kellner

    Here is an older video from the Pier 9 Presents series that I had forgotten about. It’s of a presentation I have that describes my role at Autodesk and the various research we perform. Things have changed a little since the video was recorded. But much of it is still accurate. The video was created…

  • Yin Yang Espresso Cups

    Yin Yang Espresso Cups

    These are cups that I designed and based on the Yin and Yang symbols.  A pair of these will cleanly mate together and form a circle. I modeled these in Autodesk Fusion 360. I used the manufacturing (CAM) support to generate the CAM for machining them out of 6061 aluminum using a Haas VF 2SS…