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Mismatch for Palm Computing® connected organizers.


MismatchDo you think you have a good memory?  Playing Mismatch will give you an idea just how good.  Pick hidden cards to try and match pairs.

The game begins with a set of cards that are face down.  For each card there is one other matching card.  Start by picking the first card of a possible pair.  Next, pick the second card.   If the cards match they will remain visible.  If they don't match they will be hidden after a brief delay.  Continue picking cards until all matches have been found.

There are four levels of difficulty.  There is also an option to briefly display all cards at the start of the game.

Best of all...  Mismatch is freeware!

Download the program

Mismatch v1.0 (7kb zip)
Mismatch v1.0 (12kb prc)

System Requirements

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