2014 Surf City Cyclo-X Series Race 3 Open Singlespeed

The sky finally opened and unleashed the moisture that has been withheld from NorCal for oh so long. And the parched earth drank it up in greedy gulps. Throughout the cyclocross world sighs of joy arose and then chants of ‘There will be mud’. ‘There will be mud’. And mud there was!

Feast your eyes on the muck and mire of NorCal racing at the Surf City Cyclo-X finals. Held at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville, a venue quite worthy of this event. The Surf City crew dished up a tough course. Even more so when raced on a single-speed (oh I am a fool).

A big muddy thanks goes out to the Surf City crew for their efforts and for making this series a go to favorite for NorCal cyclocross racers.


More info: http://cyclo-x.com

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