2013 Grasshopper Adventure Series – Geysers Pine Flat Video

I have this vision of Mig sitting around, looking at maps, and concocting the route for the fourth Grasshopper, He’s looks the part of a mad scientist and is chuckling away as he devises his evil plan…

Yes, the evil plan of riding up and over Geysers and then up and Up and UP… Pine Flat.

If you are unaware of either one of these named climbs, they are both two of Sonoma’s finest. And Pine Flat, which is *not* flat, ends with a pitch of 20%. And that meant hitting it 59 miles into the ride.

At least there were chips and soda at the finish!

Thanks to Mig and the crew, Arnot-Roberts Winery, and Osmo Nutrition for helping out with the feed.


[ GrasshopperAdventureSeries.com/ ] [ OsmoNutrition.com/ ] [ ArnotRoberts.com/ ]

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