2012 Soil Saloon Chuey Benefit Video

Soil Saloon hosted a well attended benefit cyclocross race for Kachusha “Chuey” Munkanta. Lot’s of laughs, riding, racing, sippin’, singing, and rabble rousing was experienced by all. After the race and awards, Chuey gave an eloquent speech to thank all for their support.

Here’s my attempt at capturing some of the spirit of the event.


2013 Update

The fine folks that mix soil and whiskey are throwing together another benefit for Chuey.  If you are in the know then you will get the info on where and exactly when.

2013 Soil Saloon for Chuey

There’s also a way to donate through this site: http://www.youcaring.com/other/chuey-s-legal-fund/95490

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