2010 Shasta Lemurian Classic Video – Mt Shasta Mine

Swoopy technical single-track below the Whiskeytown Dam.

Captured using a GoPro HD helmet camera.


  1. ashley

    Another sweet vid! Vimeo does HD great, but they don’t handle the mobile browser too well. On Android their videos show up as a link (no thumbnail), which then takes you to the mobile vimeo site which you then have to click the thumbnail and *then* you can see it. YouTube? They have an inline thumbnail and it’s just *one* click to get to the video. I have the same problem over on plip’s site. If I get some time, I’ll write a little JS that detects your browser and shows you a thumbnail with a deep link to the vimeo page so that you A) see an image instead of just a link and B) have one less click to see the video.

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