Yellow Baby Spiders

Yellow Baby Spiders

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Yellow Baby Spiders

This evening I spotted a little spray of moving yellow spots on our back porch. On closer inspection I realized it was a fresh batch of baby spiders. Cute little critters wouldn’t you say?


  1. debby

    When do they hatch?. I have a garden spider egg sack ive been watching since last fall. I live in South Carolina. I’m afraid , since we had a very cold winter that they have died?? I sure hope not! I love watching them, I watched the Mommy all summer!

  2. Rick n Raye

    We have two of them living just outside the bedroom window, and have become quite attached to them(like pets)… We have a moral dilemna coz the female has been growing bigger daily, either she’s been eating all the flies or she’s pregnant(likely)… She’s been building her web just next to the handlebar of a bmx bike, and we don’t know whether to move her or leave her lay all her eggs there. She’s not really doing any harm, but don’t want the place overrun by baby spiders. Help

    Once the baby spiders show up they only hang out for short time. I doubt you will be overrun with them. That hasn’t happened at my place and I’ve see several batches come and go.

  3. I_Love_Shadow_The_Hedgehog

    hmmmm……..well they might be garden spiders…I dont know though.well anyway theyre cute!!!!!until they grow up and start killing people!Some man:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!The fucking little bugger got me!!!!!neighbors:Oh my fucking god!!the things little!!!!well lets just leave the man to die since he hates us.come on little buggers!!!KILL THE MAN!!!!!!

  4. Rob

    They look like baby Garden Spiders. If it were any other spider I would squish them but Garden Spiders are quite helpful and want nothing to do with coming insider your house usually. They are quite huge when they grow up though.

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