Left Shoulder Xray

Left Shoulder Xray

I’m ending my second month off the bike since crashing and busting up my shoulder. The crash on my mountain bike wasn’t spectacular, but it did its job. Here is an Xray of some of the damage plus my previous collar bone (clavicle) fracture. Notice the top right edge of my humerus (head of arm) and the sliver. That’s the chunk of bone (greater tuborosity) that was wacked off. Probably from smacking into the acromion bone.

A follow up xray shows that the bone is healing. But the soft tissue is giving me problems. I might have damaged some of of the cartilage or ligaments in the shoulder.

I’ve been doing physical therapy for a month now. Some of my arm strength and range of motion has returned. But there are specific motions that have not improved. Will find out soon if the problem will require surgery or not. I’m hoping for not.

Oh, and if you can read xrays then you can see the rest of my left side internals. Is that my lung? Yum yum! :’)


  1. Nick

    Ahh man, I had a complete stage III AC ligament tear 9 days ago on my mountain bike. But im amazed that your bone snapped before your ligaments did, you must of just pounded it hard huh?
    Hows it turning out? Hope these hasals wont last too long. 🙁

  2. Shannon Neely

    came upon your sight while searching for images of poison oak. you have some great pictures. i especially like the purple flowers and a bee…it’s on my desktop now…hope you don’t mind.
    came across this xray photo and was sorry to find you had suffered such an injury. it does look as though it is healing well from what i can tell. however, is that your clavicle that looks to be broken???
    i hope you gain full range of motion soon and no permanent damage was done.
    thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

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