Hard Drive Death : Support hell

As I mentioned previously, my hard drive decided to die on me. Still in the warranty time frame, Dell support came to replace it but brought the wrong size drive. Rescheduled for installation the following day.

So, the following day I get a message from a tech support person. I call back and he starts verifying my address and phone number. Well, for some reason he has my work address and an old phone number. He was able to get my work number since he recognized the company name.

I explain that the computer is in San Francisco. ‘Oh, I’m the north bay support person so we need to reschedule for a San Francisco person’ he says. Crap! I ask if there is any way for him to get the drive to me. Nope. Ok, another reschedule and another day with a dead machine.

Today, I get a call from the SF support person and he schedules a time from noon to 3pm to show up. Fine. A short time later a call from the support person. I’m sorry but Dell has sent the wrong size drive again. We will have to reschedule for Monday.


This is complete bull shit. I had hoped to be able to praise Dell and their technical support. That is not going to happen.

Now how much does all of this cost? If this is how technical support is handled, no wonder it is so expensive for companies. This is a complete joke.


  1. Blaine Hilton

    I have not had the best experiences with Dell myself. I work with computers all day long and am very capable of repairing them myself, but I have a nice Dell with the tech contract. So far my computer has had a new:
    1. Hard drive
    2. video card
    3. mother board
    4. floppy drive
    They have come and fixed it all for me but I’ve been forced to “troubleshoot” with them on the phone for hours.

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