Race Report :: June 18, 2002 :: Alameda Twilight Criterium Series

1st Place!
Date: June 18, 2002
Event: Alameda Twilight Criterium Series
Category: Senior 4/5
Time: 30 minutes
Place: 1st! The second prime.
Field: ~30

How can anyone not like the Berkeley Bicycle Club’s (BBC) Tuesday night Alameda Twilight Criterium Series? It’s a fun well run event. Then, to top it off, you can win one of these events!

Yes, I won again 🙂.

It was a picture perfect finish.

I was able to jump into the lead group as the 4th rider back on the final lap. On rounding the last corner, the lead riders hesitated, maybe each waiting for another to start the sprint. My speed into the corner was faster and instead of backing off to sit on someone’s tail, I jumped and started the sprint. I was already carrying a couple of miles per hour faster as I came by them. This caught them off guard and there was no chance for them to jump or contend. Still, I punched it on up to the finish, although I didn’t max out the cadence. Didn’t need to. Sailed through and won.


p.s. Just got back from a week of vacation on the beach. That really helped during this mid-season.

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