Race Report :: 2002 Sea Otter Classic :: Road Race

Date: March 22, 2002
Event: Sea Otter Classic Men’s Road Race
Category: Master 30+ 4/5
Time: 2:48:30
Laps: 3
Distance: 57 miles
Place: 23rd
Field: 100

28827 beats! That’s a measure of how much work my heart performed getting me through this race. That breaks down to an average of 171 beats per minute. That’s some work.

I would imagine that after working that hard my heart would feel sore. It’s a muscle so shouldn’t it feel the same as other muscles? Especially after a hard workout? But it’s not the case. At least not for me. How about you?

So, my poor “it should be aching” heart managed to get me 23rd place in the race. I ended up getting spit out the back on the last hill climb. I watched as the lead pack pulled away. It hurts to be so close to the finish, to go for so long in the race, and then to get dropped at the last part.

Oh well, early season racing is what Sea Otter is about.


p.s. I never received a result from this race. They screwed the pooch big time on the timing. Here is my rant about the screwed up Sea Otter timing.

p.p.s. Here’s the page that has my Polar S710 heart rate graphs.

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