Check Your Tube’s Packaging

So the other day I got a flat on my training/commute rear wheel. It blew up about an hour into a spin on my rollers. Then on Saturday I got a flat on my road ride. So yesterday, before leaving for work, I pumped up the rear wheel (the one that blew on Saturday’s ride) and a minute later it blew up! I’m still home so I decide to replace the tube in the training wheel. Do that and then boom! It blows up. Arghh… I say screw both wheelsets and grab my other race wheelset and throw that on. Well, I managed to make it to work and back without another blow out.

So later I thought how weird it was having so many blow outs so close together. I then looked at the boxes the tubes came in. I had bought them all at the same time. Well, I noticed that each of the boxes had a slice on them, as if a razor blade or BOX CUTTER had gotten them. Yup, they probably got sliced when the shipping box they were in was cut open. The slice probably nicked each of the tubes and… well, you know the story.

Moral of the story ‘check your tube’s packaging’!

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