Easy Bay Cyclocross Race 3 Report

Back to Rodgers Ranch east of Livermore for the 3rd East Bay Cyclocross Series race. The location is commonly described as the “dump” among the cowpies. Aptly named because the start finish is used as a dump for assorted piles of dirt, rock, wood and other detritus. The cow pies are from our friends grazing on the ranch in which the course traverses.

Being so far east of the foggy bay, we managed to reach the edge of the clouds and had sun. Luckily a cool breeze kept the temperature down. I raced the Masters 35+ which started at 11ish… sharp! From the start the pack was on fire. Swell… legs felt like lead during warm-up and now a hammer fest.

Our host Bob, who runs the events, decided to include a longer run-up. We promptly reach this just after the start. We scale the 50 yards of who knows what (a dump remember). It became an amusing game spotting discarded trinkets in the dirt on the run-up. The best was the toy toad lying belly up. Was that an omen?

From the top it was a fast bumpy ride down and right to a hairpin which doubled us back. Over a pair of barriers and then slight uphill and then a drop back into the start finish area. This section included a zigzag tour through the piles of dirt, rock, and “stuff” before sending us through the start finish line. From there it was out and up the valley to the back forty.

Quick fire road section to another set of barriers. Btw, who was that pro bending the metal pole holding the course marker so it was easier to ride past the log barriers? No complaints here. :’)

Now heading up the valley and to another set of barriers. Already the group is getting spread out. A short flat to quick soft steep uphill and then one more to add to the fun. A mountain bike payed off for these climbs. Especially when the legs started asking for nap time.

Another fire road and trail section with a log barrier and then up a rise to the farthest point on the course. From here, a fast fire road descent as we head back down the valley towards the start finish. This section overlooked the part of the course coming into the valley. Good spot to see how far ahead or back you are.

A pair of barriers in the middle of the descent to keep everyone honest. Then down to a tricky little right hand uphill at the end of the fire road and across a grassy bumpy slope. Drop onto a fire road and then down into the start finish area. From here, back over to the long run-up and the rest of the course we started with.

Repeat six times.

After the second lap I held my position, 7th, until the finish.

Done by noon and home by 2pm.

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